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Pokémon Abilities (also referred to as "Traits" or "Characteristics") are a new feature that was introduced in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games and have reappeared in every main Pokémon game since, including Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokémon Emerald, and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

These are not to be confused with personality type ("nature"), which can modify a Pokémon's base Statistics, nor with the attack techniques ("moves") a Pokémon can learn. Rather, an Ability can be thought of as an extra, innate trait distinctive of one or more species of Pokémon. For example, the ability Rock Head nullifies the recoil damage from techniques that also damage the user when performed, such as Double Edge and Take Down. Abilities have many diverse effects.

Usually, a single species of Pokémon has only one ability associated with it, but several have two. In the latter case, it appears that one of the two abilities will be randomly assigned upon capture. Many abilities are assigned to certain species of Pokémon according to their Pokédex entries; for example, Grimer and Muk have the Stench ability because they smell absolutely foul, while Meowth has the Pickup ability because it is known to hoard shiny objects.

A list of Pokémon Abilities follows:


Ability Effect See Also
Adaptability User's STAB modifier becomes x2. Technician
Aftermath Deals 25% damage when KOed by contact damage.
Air Lock Negates weather effects. Cloud Nine
Anger Point Raises Atk to +6 if struck by a critical hit.
Anticipation Alerts the Pokémon of certain dangerous moves. Forewarn

Arena Trap

Prevents enemy escape. Magnet Pull, Shadow Tag


Ability Effect See Also
Bad Dreams Deals 12.5% damage to sleeping opponents per turn.
Battle Armor Negates critical hits. Shell Armor
Blaze Ups Fire-type moves when HP is 1/3 or under. Overgrow, Swarm, Torrent


Ability Effect See Also
Cacophony The Pokémon has an immunity to sound-based moves. Soundproof
Chlorophyll Sunny weather doubles speed. Swift Swim
Clear Body Prevents stat reduction. Hyper Cutter, White Smoke
Cloud Nine Negates weather effects. Air Lock
Color Change Foe's move changes the Pokémon's type. Forecast
Compoundeyes Boosts accuracy by 30%. Wild Pokémon are more likely to be holding items. Keen Eye
Cute Charm May infatuate enemy if touched, Pokémon of opposite gender are more likely to appear. Effect Spore, Flame Body, Poison Point, Static


Ability Effect See Also
Damp Negates effects of self-destruction.
Download User gets a stat boost depending on its opponent's stats.
Drizzle Rains falls when the Pokémon enters a battle. It doesn't wear off. Drought, Sand Stream
Drought Sunlight brightens when the Pokémon enters a battle. If doesn't wear off. Drizzle, Sand Stream
Dry Skin Restores HP in rain, loses HP in sun. Provides immunity to water and weakness to fire. Rain Dish


Ability Effect See Also
Early Bird Pokémon wake up in half time, rounded down. Vital Spirit
Effect Spore Contact may paralyze, poison, or put to sleep. Cute Charm, Flame Body, Poison Point, Static


Ability Effect See Also
Flame Body 30% chance to burn opponent on contact. Cute Charm, Effect Spore, Static
Flash Fire Damage from Fire-type attacks increase to 1.5 power when Pokémon is hit with a Fire-type move. Volt Absorb, Water Absorb
Flower Gift Raises stats of this Pokémon and its partner in sun. Vital Spirit
Forecast Elemental type changes according to weather. Color Change
Forewarn Alerts the Pokémon of the opponent's strongest move. Anticipation


Ability Effect See Also
Gluttony Consumes held berry sooner.
Guts Status ailments increase attack by 50%. Burn's attack drop is canceled. Marvel Scale, Quick Feet


Ability Effect See Also
Huge Power Attack stat is doubled in battle. Pure Power
Hustle Boosts attack stat, but lowers accuracy.
Hyper Cutter Negates reduction of the attack stat. Clear Body, White Smoke


Ability Effect See Also
Ice Body HP is restored during a hailstorm. Rain Dish
Illuminate Wild Pokémon encounters increase. Stench
Immunity Negates poisoning. Inner Focus, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit
Inner Focus Prevents flinching. Immunity, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit
Insomnia Prevents sleep. Immunity, Inner Focus, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit
Intimidate Lowers opponents' attack.
Iron Fist Boosts power of punching moves by 20%


Ability Effect See Also
Keen Eye Prevents opponent from lowering the Pokémon's accuracy. Compoundeyes


Ability Effect See Also
Levitate Pokémon cannot be hit by Ground-type moves. Thick Fat, Wonder Guard
Lightningrod All Electric-type attacks will hit this Pokémon. Storm Drain
Limber Negates paralysis. Inner Focus, Insomnia, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit
Liquid Ooze Draining moves cause damage.


Ability Effect See Also
Magic Guard Prevents all passive damage.
Magma Armor Prevents freezing. Inner Focus, Insomnia, Immunity, Limber, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit
Magnet Pull Prevents Steel-types from escaping. Boost chance of steel types appearing. Arena Trap, Shadow Tag
Marvel Scale Status ailments increase defense by 50%. Guts, Quick Feet
Minus Special Attack stat increases by 50% if a Pokémon with Plus is present. Plus
Mold Breaker The Pokémon's moves are not affected by foe’s abilities during battle Teravolt, Turboblaze
Moody At the end of every turn, a random stat is raised by two stages while another is lowered by one stage. Speed Boost


Ability Effect See Also
Natural Cure Status ailments are healed when switched out. Shed Skin


Ability Effect See Also
Oblivious Prevents infatuation. Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Own Tempo, Water Veil, Vital Spirit

Increases Grass-type moves by 50% when health reaches 1/3

Blaze, Swarm, Torrent
Own Tempo Prevents confusion. Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Water Veil, Vital Spirit


Ability Effect See Also
Pickup May find items. The higher the level, the better.
Plus Special Attack increases by 50% if a Pokémon with Minus is present. Minus
Poison Point Contact may cause poisoning. Cute Charm, Effect Spore, Flame Body, Static
Pressure Causes 2 PP to be used by foe.
Pure Power Attack stat is doubled in battle. Huge Power


Ability Effect See Also
Quick Feet Status ailments (except for paralysis) increase speed by 50%. Guts, Marvel Scale


Ability Effect See Also
Rain Dish HP is restored during rain. Dry Skin, Ice Body
Rock Head Prevents recoil damage.
Rough Skin Opponents' HP drops if it makes contact.
Run Away Enables getaway from wild Pokémon.


Ability Effect See Also
Sand Stream A sandstorm occurs when this Pokémon enters battle. Drizzle, Drought
Sand Veil Evasiveness increases during a sandstorm. Snow Cloak
Sap Sipper Raises attack if hit by a Grass-type move. Water Absorb, Volt Absorb, Flash Fire
Serene Grace Increases likelihood of additional effects. Shield Dust
Shadow Tag Prevents escape. Arena Trap, Magnet Pull
Shed Skin The Pokémon has a 33.3% chance of recovering from a status ailment. Natural Cure
Shell Armor Negates critical hits. Battle Armor
Shield Dust Negates the activation of additional effects. Serence Grace
Snow Cloak Evasiveness increases in a hailstorm. Sand Veil
Soundproof The Pokémon has an immunity to sound-based moves. Cacophony
Speed Boost Speed stat increases after every turn.
Static Contact may cause paralysis. Electric types appear more commonly. Cute Charm, Effect Spore, Flame Body, Poison Point
Stench Chances of encountering wild Pokémon decrease. Illuminate
Sticky Hold Held item cannot be taken.
Sturdy Negates one-hit KOs.
Suction Cups This Pokémon cannot be forced from battle.
Swarm Bug-types moves are increased by 50% when HP is 1/3 or lower. Blaze, Overgrow, Torrent
Swift Swim Rain doubles Speed. Wares off when rain ends. Chlorophyll
Synchronize This Pokémon inflicts its status ailment on the opponent. Pokémon of the same nature are more likely to appear.


Ability Effect See Also
Technician Increases power of moves below 60 base power. Adaptability
Thick Fat Fire- and Ice-type damage is halved. Levitate, Wonder Guard
Torrent Water-type attacks are increased by 50% when HP is 1/3 or lower. Blaze, Overgrow, Swarm
Trace Copies the ability of the opponent.
Truant Makes the Pokémon attack only every other turn.


Ability Effect See Also
Vital Spirit Prevents sleep. Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Water Veil
Volt Absorb Electric-type moves heal the Pokémon. Water Absorb


Ability Effect See Also
Water Absorb Water-type moves heal the Pokémon. Volt Absorb
Water Veil Prevents burns. Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Vital Spirit
White Smoke Negates stat reduction. Clear Body, Hyper Cutter
Wonder Guard Only super-effective moves can hit. Levitate, Thick Fat
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