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List of Hidden Machines

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Kanto (RBY)

  • HM01 Cut - Cuts small trees. You obtain it on S.S Anne when you help the captain.
  • HM02 Fly - You can fly from one Pokémon Center to another. You obtain by going west out of Celadon City.
  • HM03 Surf - You can surf across lakes, sea and rivers. You obtain it in the Safari Zone.
  • HM04 Strength - You can move large boulders. You obtain after giving the teeth to the warden in Fuchsia City.
  • HM05 Flash - -You can light up dark areas. You obtain it on Route 2.

Johto (GSC)

Kanto (FRLG)

Hoenn (RSE)

Sinnoh (DPPt)

You find it on Iron Island. Pt

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