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:''Not to be confused or mistaken with [[Liza]] or [[Lisa Ortiz]]''.
|region = Johto
|name = Lisa
|jname = '''リン''' ''Rin''
|voiceact = [[Lisa Ortiz]] <small>(English)</small>
|image = Lisa.png
|class = Trainer
|friends = [[Ash]], [[Misty]], [[Brock]]
|firstappear = Pokémon 3: The Movie|AltImageWidth = 100}}
'''Lisa''' is a Trainer from [[Johto]] appears in [[Pokémon 3: The Spell Of The Unown]].{{-}}{{Empty}}
|type2 = psychic
|type = normal
|nameline = [[Lisa's Girafarig|Girafarig]]}}
|type2 = flying
|type = bug
|nameline = [[Lisa's Butterfree|Butterfree]]}}
|type = normal
|nameline = [[Lisa's Aipom|Aipom]]|image = 200px-Lisa_Aipom.png}}
|type = normal
|nameline = [[Lisa's Granbull|Granbull]]}}
|type2 = ground
|type = water
|nameline = [[Lisa's Quagsire|Quagsire]]}}
|type = fighting
|nameline = [[Lisa's Mankey|Mankey]]}}
{{Missing Image}}
*Lisa shares the same name with [[Lisa Ortiz]], her English dub voice actor.
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[[Category:Pokémon movie characters]]
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[[Category:Female Characters]]

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