Liquid Ooze (ヘドロえき) is a Poison-type ability introduced in Generation III. Four Pokémon have this ability.


In-Game Text
Generation IIIDraining causes injury.
Generation IVInflicts damage on foes using any draining move.
Generation VDamages attackers using any draining move.
Generation VI

If the following moves are used on a Pokémon with this ability
the attacker will lose HP equal to the amount it would usually gain.

Move Type Category
AbsorbType GrassSpecial type
Drain PunchType FightingPhysical type
Draining KissType FairySpecial type
Dream EaterType PsychicSpecial type
Giga DrainType GrassSpecial type
Horn LeechType GrassPhysical type
Leech LifeType BugPhysical type
Leech SeedType GrassOther type
Mega DrainType GrassSpecial type
Oblivion WingType FlyingSpecial type
Parabolic ChargeType ElectricSpecial type


PokédexPokémon TypeAbilities
Type WaterType Poison Generation III
Clear Body

Generation V
Rain Dish(DW)
Type Poison Generation III
Sticky Hold

Generation V
if not indicated, Liquid Ooze was received in Generation III as a natural ability

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