Lightning Rod (ひらいしん Hiraishin) is an ability used by some Pokémon that can absorb any Electric-type move and nullify the damage. It also increases the Pokémon's special attack.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#104 Cubone 104 Type Ground
#105 Marowak 105 Type Ground
#111 Rhyhorn 111 Type GroundType Rock
#112 Rhydon 112 Type GroundType Rock
#309 Electrike 309 Type Electric
#310 Manectric 310 Type Electric
#464 Rhyperior 464 Type GroundType Rock
#522 Blitzle 522 Type Electric
#523 Zebstrika 523 Type Electric


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#025 Pikachu 025 Type Electric
#026 Raichu 026 Type Electric
#118 Goldeen 118 Type Water
#119 Seaking 119 Type Water
#145 Zapdos 145 Type ElectricType Flying
#172 Pichu 172 Type Electric
#311 Plusle 311 Type Electric

Mega Evolution

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#254 Sceptile 254M Type GrassType Dragon


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