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Level Ball
Level Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar 0 (see Kurt)
Sell: Poké Dollar 150
First Appearance: Generation II
Catch Rate: (8x, 4x, 2x or 1x)

The Level Ball (レベルボール Level Ball) used to catch Pokémon that are lower level. This is only obtainable from Kurt. This was probably replaced by the Nest Ball, which can be bought at the Clerk closest to the door to the Pokemon Center in Black and White, and in other games, one Clerk at a certain city will sell it.

Catch Rate

  • 8× if player is of a level 4x or > that of the wild Pokémon
  • 4× if player is more than 2x but <4x the level of the wild Pokémon
  • 2× if player is at a higher level than the wild Pokémon but <2x
  • 1× if player is the = level as or < the wild Pokémon
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