For the variant appearing in the games, see Lenora.

Lenora is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who was the Gym Leader of Nacrene City in the Unova region.


Lenora is a tall woman with black skin, teal hair and blue eyes. Lenora wears a striped headband, with a white shirt with a white ribbon on her neck, as well as orange flats, teal pants and a khaki apron with orange pockets. Lenora also wears a red lipstick on.


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Black & White arc

Lenora welcomed Black via intercom and was impressed with how quickly he solved her library puzzle. She was also impressed with how thoroughly he had researched her to prepare for their battle, remarking that Black was not just a big mouth. She started with Stoutland and used the Roar strategy on Black, aborting his plan to have Munna use Hypnosis and put Stoutland to sleep. Roar drawed out Black's Braviary, as Lenora had planned, and she immediately used Ice Fang to deal Braviary some serious damage. She commented to Black that what he studied won't always be useful in battles.

Black's passion inspired Braviary, who used Whirlwind to force Stoutland to retreat, bringing out Patrat and knocking Patrat out with Air Slash, which even Patrat's powerful sight couldn't see coming. Lenora sent out Stoutland again, and as she saw Black thinking furiously for a strategy, called that she loved kids who used their heads. Stoutland's Last Resort knocked out Braviary, so Black sent out Munna. Munna kept using Hypnosis, trying to put Stoutland to sleep. Stoutland easily dodged everything because it had special whiskers that allowed its superior senses. Stoutland knocked out Munna with Take Down at the same time that Munna knocked out Stoutland with Zen Headbutt; Munna's attack was successful because of the damage Stoutland had taken from Take Down's recoil.

Lenora gave Black the Basic Badge. Right after Black left, Lenora received a phone call from Clay. He had found a mysterious stone and wanted her to have it because he thought it had a terrifying power. Looking serious, she agreed to go pick it up.


On hand

Lenora's Patrat Adventures
Patrat *

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