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(アロエ Aloe)
"An Archaeologist With Backbone"
Hometown Nacrene City
Region Unova
Family Hawes (Husband)
Badge Basic Badge
Preferred Type Normal


First Appearance Black and White (games)
A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! (anime)
Class: Gym Leader

Lenora is Gym Leader of Nacrene City in the Unova region. She is a Normal-type leader. She rewards the player with the Basic Badge if the player defeat her. Lenora first appeared in Pokémon Black and White. Lenora goes to visit Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia in Undella Town. In Unova, Lenora is the second gym leader to be battled.





Black and White

In Black and White, she's an expert on bones and fossils, which make her an authority on the museum along her husband. After being defeated she appears along the other Gym Leaders to battle Team Plasma's Seven Sages.

Black 2 and White 2

In Black 2 and White 2, she is no longer a Gym Leader and is instead the director of the museum. When the player visits the museum, Lenora offers one of two Fossils to bring back as a living Pokémon. If Memory Link is used, it is shown in a flashback that Lenora is visited at her studio by Burgh who is intrigued about bones due to Bug Pokémon having exoskeleton instead. Lenora mentions how she took a liking to bones as during her childhood, her father used to bring many bones, which sparked her curiosity and interest. Eventually Clay barges in with a fossil for Lenora to evaluate. Unfortunately for Clay who expected to sell it at a high price, the fossil was quite common, however with a rather unusual soil. This brings newfound hope for Clay to keep digging on his tunnel. Burgh questions Clay about what he thinks on bones. Clay replies that bones are what's left when one passes away. The three are seen satisfied with the many opinions on the subject.


Main article: Lenora (Adventures)


Lenora anime

Lenora, in the anime

Lenora appeared when she was helping Ash and the gang solve the mystery of the Yamask mask at the museum during the end of the episode reuniting Yamask with its mask. Ash then challenges her to a Gym battle. But in the end he loses to Lenora's Lillipup.

Ash Ketchum has a rematch with Lenora. Lenora's Lillipup has evolved into Herdier (off screen), it is the first Pokémon she sent out in the rematch. Despite Ash losing to Lillipup (Herdier's pre-evolved form) he manages to defeat Lenora in the rematch.


BW battle sprite

VS. Sprite

B2W2 battle sprite



Black and White

Herdier BW
 Type Normal 
Watchog BW
 Type Normal 
Lv. 18 Lv. 20 Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Intimidate Ability: Illuminate Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: None Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Take Down Retaliate - - - -
Helping Hand Leer - - - -
Retaliate Crunch - - - -
Bite Hypnosis - - - -

Black 2 and White 2


On hand
Pokémon Information
Lenora Watchog
Watchog was the first of Lenora's Pokémon seen. She sent it out in the Nacrene Gym where its Flash attack lit up the area and showed Yamask up. It has some strong attacks including Mean Look which prevented Oshawott from being returned to its Poké Ball and has powerful attacking moves like Thunderbolt which it used to defeat Oshawott. In the rematch, it faced against Oshawott again but eventually fell simultaneously due to Oshawott's newly found strength.
Pokémon Information
Aloe Haderia
Lillipup was the second Pokémon Lenora used in the Gym Battle against Ash. It successfully defeated both Oshawott and Tepig despite its small size. While Ash was training in the Battle Club, Lenora managed to evolve her Lilipup. Following on from its strengths at its base form, it has powerful attacks including a more powerful Shadow Ball, but also knows a stronger Roar and has Protect which protected it from damage and an insanely powerful Giga Impact attack. It was eventually defeated by Ash's Tepig's Flame Charge attack.
Lillipup → Herdier

Voice Actors

  • English: Norma Nongauza
  • Japanese: Atsuko Tanaka
  • Spanish: Licia Alonso
  • Iberian Spanish: Laura Torres


  • Lenora's Japanese Leader title is ナチュアル ボーン ママ / Nachuaru Boun Mama. "Natural Born Mama." Her American title is "An Archaeologist With Backbone."
  • In the Japanese version of the games, Lenora's Gym was filled with cooking quizzes. In the American version, it was instead changed to mainly Pokémon-related trivia.
  • Although many at first believed Lenora to be a chef on account of her apron, it was later discovered that she wears it to dust Pokémon fossils.
  • Lenora's name seems to be based on the type of Pokémon she uses, Normal.
  • Lenora is one of three gym leaders that are proven to be married. The others are Chuck (in G/S/C and HG/SS) and Norman (who is May's dad in the anime and the main characters in the R/S/E/OR/AS games).
  • The Aloe (Lenora's Japanese name) Flower is native to Africa.
  • Lenora has two official artworks. The English version of the anime was reanimated to match Lenora's second artwork.


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