Lee Quick is one of the original voice actors for the Pokémon anime, playing the recurring role of Officer Jenny in the first seven seasons of the show and all of her movie appearances in 4Kids-dubbed media. Outside of Pokémon, she was affiliated with Central Park Media (under the names of Heather Lee and Heather Quick).

Following her departure, her role was inherited by Jamie Davyous Owens.

Due to the fact that Quick was not credited for the anime's first season and that Megan Hollingshead played a similar recurring character through the series, it was originally believed that Hollingshead played both roles despite the fact that Joy's actress had changed a season before Jenny's. This has since been denied by voice director Darren Dunstan and Hollingshead herself.



Non-Pokémon series

Shun Kisaragi, Dorm Lady, Ghost (Here Is Greenwood (Central Park Media dub))


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