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[[File:Type Bug/Flying.gif|link=Bug/Flying type]]  
Species Five Star Pokémon
Abilities Swarm
Early Bird
Iron Fist (Dream World)
None ← 166 → None
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Kalos N/A
Evolves from [[Ledyba]]
Evolves into None
(レディアン Redian)
[[Generation II]]
Evolutionary line
No evolution line
Weight Height
Pokédex color Egg group
<font color=Red>Red</font>
Shape Footprint

Ledian (Japanese: レディアン Redian) is a Bug/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II.



Ledian is a moderately large, bipedal creature with a rather large head and six small limbs. It also has star patterns on its back, which grow larger or smaller depending on the number of stars visible in the night sky. Each spot represents a corner of a star shape. These spots have also been observed glowing red during twilight hours as Ledian are attached to trees, making these trees seem like Christmas trees. Male Ledian are shown having longer antennae than females.


Ledian is a nocturnal insect, active mainly during the night and sleeping in curled-up leaves during the day. Countless Ledian live in outdoor areas located a good distance away from the polluted atmospheres of cities, for the star-lit skies are always clearer in these clean lands than in the light pollution of urban areas. Ledian have an affinity to stars for good reason; They take their energy from the light of the stars in order to live healthily. When many stars are visible, the Ledian will sprinkle a mysterious, glowing powder whilst fluttering about.


Ledian is the evolved form of Ledyba as of level 18.

Game info

Game locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Gold/Silver Route 2 (morning) (Silver Only) Rare
Crystal Route 2 and 37 (morning) Rare
Ruby/Sapphire Trade None
Emerald Evolve Ledyba None
FireRed/LeafGreen Evolve Ledyba None
Diamond/Pearl Route 229 (morning) Uncommon
Platinum Route 229 (morning) Uncommon
HeartGold/SoulSilver Route 2 (morning) (SoulSilver Only) Rare
Black/White Dreamyard Rare

Side game locations

Game(s) Area(s)
Pokémon Trozei! Phobos Jet, Endless Level 34, Forever Level 34, Mr. Who's Den
Red Rescue Team & Blue Rescue Team Evolve Ledyba
Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness Mt. Travail (1F-19F), Midnight Forest (B1-B21)

Pokédex entries



Generation II

Main article: Ledian/Learnset Generation II

Generation III

Main article: Ledian/Learnset Generation III

Generation IV

Main article: Ledian/Learnset Generation IV

Generation V

Leveling Generation VI
Level Move Power Acc. PP Type Cat. Contest Cat. Appeal Jam
1 Tackle 50 100% 35 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


1 Supersonic 55% 20 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


1 Comet Punch 18 85% 15 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


6 Supersonic 55% 20 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


9 Comet Punch 18 85% 15 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


14 Light Screen —% 30 [[Psychic type|Psychic]] [[Move#Status Status


14 Reflect —% 20 [[Psychic type|Psychic]] [[Move#Status Status


14 Safeguard —% 25 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


17 Mach Punch 40 100% 30 [[Fighting type|Fighting]] [[Move#Physical Physical


24 Baton Pass —% 40 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


29 Silver Wind 60 100% 5 [[Bug type|Bug]] [[Move#Special Special


36 Agility —% 30 [[Psychic type|Psychic]] [[Move#Status Status


41 Swift 60 —% 20 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Special Special


48 Double-Edge 120 100% 15 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


53 Bug Buzz 90 100% 10 [[Bug type|Bug]] [[Move#Special Special


Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


  • It is possible that Ledian is a portmanteau of the words "ladybug" and "alien", given its appearance.
  • Even though Ledian is a Flying type Pokémon, it can't learn any flying type moves via learnset.
  • Ledian is based of a ladybug, but it seems to be very big for one.

In the Anime

Ledian was first introduced in Season 4 in the episode Mountain Time, where Ash and co. met Benji with a young Ledian. Benji was learning from his father what being a mountain ranger was like, while Benji's Ledian was learning how to fly in strong winds from Benji's father's Ledian, possible it's parent. Benji and his Ledian aided in the rescue of Pikachu and Togepi when they were Pokénapped by Team Rocket. In the end, both Benji's and his father's Ledian's spots on their backs began to glow a bright red as they circled high in the evening starlight sky showering everyone with beautiful starlight. Ledian had a few minor appearances afterwards and a slightly bigger role in Mewtwo Returns. Ledian was seen in some of the Grand Festival episodes and was one of the Pokemon used to try to stop Darkrai in the Rise of Darkrai.


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