Leaf Guard (リーフガード Leaf Guard) is an ability introduced in Generation IV. It prevents status effects in Sunny weather. If there are any status problems already in effect they are healed. It is one of two Abilities that heals status problems in a weather condition (the other is Hydration).



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#114 Tangela 114 Type Grass
#187 Hoppip 187 Type GrassType Flying
#188 Skiploom 188 Type GrassType Flying
#189 Jumpluff 189 Type GrassType Flying
#465 Tangrowth 465 Type Grass
#470 Leafeon 470 Type Grass
#541 Swadloon 541 Type BugType Grass
#753 Fomantis 753 Type Grass


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#152 Chikorita 152 Type Grass
#153 Bayleef 153 Type Grass
#154 Meganium 154 Type Grass
#315 Roselia 315 Type GrassType Poison
#406 Budew 406 Type GrassType Poison
#548 Petilil 548 Type Grass
#549 Lilligant 549 Type Grass

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