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Laverre Gym
Gym Leader: Valerie
Badge: Fairybadge
Type: Type Fairy
Region: Kalos
City: Laverre City

General Information


Trainer Pokémon Level
File:Furisode Girl BlossomXYsprite.png
Furisode Girl Blossom
707 Klefki 37
281 Kirlia 37
210 Granbull 37
Gain: Poké Dollar2664
Trainer Pokémon Level
File:Furisode Girl KaliXYsprite.png
Furisode Girl Kali
702 Dedenne 38
184 Azumarill 38
Gain: Poké Dollar2736
Trainer Pokémon Level
File:Furisode Girl KatherineXYsprite.png
Furisode Girl Katherine
685 Slurpuff 40
Gain: Poké Dollar2880
Trainer Pokémon Level
File:Furisode Girl LinneaXYsprite.png
Furisode Girl Linnea
683 Aromatisse 40
Gain: Poké Dollar2880
Gym Leader Valerie
Isshu Pokémon League iconLaverre Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon
Fairy Badge Fairy Badge TM99 (Dazzling Gleam)
File:Mawile XY Sprite.png
 Type Steel Type Fairy 
File:Mr. Mime XY Sprite.png
Mr. Mime
 Type Psychic Type Fairy 
File:Sylveon Sprite.png
 Type Fairy 
Lv. 38 Lv. 39 Lv. 42 Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Hyper Cutter Ability: Soundproof Ability: Cute Charm Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: ? Item: None Item: None Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Iron Defense Psychic Charm - - -
Feint Attack Light Screen Swift - - -
Crunch Dazzling Gleam Quick Attack - - -
- Reflect Dazzling Gleam - - -


  • The Laverre Gym is the second Gym to utilize warp panels. The first was the Saffron Gym in Kanto.
    • Coincidentally, both were the 6th gyms the player faced in their respective regions.
  • Furisode Girls are only present in the Laverre City Gym, Lumiose Restaurants and Battle Chateau.
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