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|type = ground
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|nameline = Gligar}}
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[[Category:Female Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]

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Latoya Parker
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Region: Johto
Family: Mr. Parker
Friends: Ash, Misty, Brock
First Appearance: JE022: The Superhero Secret
Voice actor: Amy Birnbaum (English)
File:Latoya Parker(Normal).jpg
Latoya Parker one of two Character's of the Day, along with her father Mr. Parker, in JE022: The Superhero Secret. She's the daughter of Mr. Parker, a man who had a hard time selling toys and soon became his own creation: Gligarman. She soon dawns on the cape and Cowel and becomes Gligirl to save her father and her friends. Both are the trainers of their Gligar. Her english voice actress is Amy Birnbaum.

Latoya as Gligirl

Latoya behind the mask

Latoya behind the mask


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