For the variant appearing in the games, see Lance.

Lance is a character appearing in Pokémon Origins, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Kanto region.


Lance is a tall, thin man with bright scarlet red spiked hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. He wears a medieval-looking navy blue tunic with red-orange trim, a brown belt around his waist, and large black boots with orange two rings around the top of each boot. The cuffs of his long sleeves are black with orange zigzagging trim separating the cuff from the navy blue part of the sleeve. He sports a long, flowing cape around his neck which is black on the outside and crimson red on the inside.


Lance respects great trainers, like Red.


PO004 2

Lance talking to Red after losing the battle against him.

Lance used his Dragonite against Red's Lapras. Lapras was able to defeat Dragonite with Ice Beam. Lance was impressed by Red's skills. He went to Red and commented him. He also told Red that if he wanted to become Pokémon champion, he needed to defeat the current one.


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