For other variants of Dragonite belonging to Lance, see Lance's Dragonite.

This Dragonite is a dragon/flying-type Pokémon owned by Lance.


As DratiniEdit

Lance witnessed how the land was polluted by industrialization. Lance was furious, seeing a Magikarp and Dratini were suffering because of that.[1]

As DragoniteEdit

Lance was with his Pokémon, including Dragonite, as he swore to take his revenge on Yellow for his defeat.[2]

To force Blaine and Yellow out of the caves on Cerise Island, Lance had Dragonite and Gyarados cause tremors.[3] Dragonite and Gyarados' tremors also shook the volcano, which started to erupt.[4]

Dragonite and Lance eventually returned to Lance, who fooled Yellow and Blaine into destroying his Poké Balls, which were actually empty.[3] Dragonite used Strength on the rocks at the volcano, causing lava to burst out and burn Yellow. Yellow had Dody and Ratty use Peck and Super Fang, but Dragonite bashed them away. Kitty, Gravvy and Omny joined in, firing String Shot, Take Down and Water Gun, but Dragonite repelled their attacks. Lance claimed Yellow had no power, as Dragonite had impenetrable armor. To retaliate, Dragonite used Fire Blast, causing Yellow to fall on a floating rock in a river of lava.[4]

To fight against Lance, Yellow had Pika create the surfboard to surf on lava. Lance went on Dragonite to read Pika's thoughts, sensing it, too, was born in Viridian Forest. Pika was enraged Lance penetrated its thoughts and went to attack, but the attack was collided by Hyper Beam. Yellow and Pika started spinning around on the surfboard, creating a whirlpool made out of lava. Lance didn't want to surrender and tried to attack Yellow, but he and Dragonite were swallowed by the lava.[5] Dragonite survived and, per Lance's order, went to intercept Yellow, preventing her from interfering with Lance's plans. Dragonite was nevertheless exhausted, as Yellow sensed its thoughts, as it wanted to hide its weakness, only to obey its master to destroy the mankind.[6] Dragonite fired Hyper beam on Omny, whose Ice Beam countered that attack. To stop Yellow, Lance had Dragonite fire another attack on her and Kitty.[1]

Known movesEdit

Move Episode/Chapter
Lance's Dragonite Fire Blast
Fire Blast Eradicate Raticate!
Hyper Beam Eradicate Raticate!
Strength Eradicate Raticate!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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