Lake of rageHGSS

Lake of Rage in Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The Lake of Rage is a location in the Johto Region.
Lake of rage

Encountering the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage

The first time you come here, there will be a Red Gyarados (the only 100% certain shiny encounter of a Pokémon that is available to catch) in the middle of the lake, (due to the Johto Region only appearing in Generations 2 and 4 (in certain games only) these are the only generations with a definite shiny encounter.



HGSS 129 front HGSS 130 front ShinyMaleHGSSGyarados
Magikarp Gyarados Red Gyarados
Levels 5-45 Levels 5-45 Level 30

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