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Image of the
Kuo Berry berry.
Nº 51 (R/S/E); Nº N/A (D/P/Pt)
Kuo Berry Berry
Ginema Berry - Yago Berry
Size 1'4"
Firmness Very Hard
Effect Cures burn
Tree KuoTree
Flavor (Gen. III)
Spicy 0
Dry 0
Sweet 0
Bitter 0
Sour 0
Flavor (Gen. IV)
Spicy N/A
Dry N/A
Sweet N/A
Bitter N/A
Sour N/A
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The Kuo Berry is a berry obtained via the scanning Japanese E-reader for the games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. If this berry is held by a Pokémon that gets transferred to Generation IV via Pal Park then the berry will turn into an Enigma Berry. This berry can cure a burn from a Pokémon.

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