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|backcolor = {{Ground}}
|backcolor = {{Ground}}

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[[File:Type Ground/Dark.gif|link=Ground/Dark type]]  
Species Intimidation Pokémon
Abilities Intimidate
Anger Point (Dream World)
None ← 553 → None
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Kalos N/A
Evolves from [[Krokorok]]
Evolves into None
(ワルビアル Waruvial)
[[Generation V]]
Evolutionary line
No evolution line
Weight Height
Pokédex color Egg group
<font color=Red>Red</font>
Shape Footprint

Krookodile (Japanese: ワルビアル Waruvial) is a Dark/Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. A Krookodile is used by the Elite Four Grimsley.



Krookodile, known as the Intimidation Pokémon, is a large brick-colored crocodile. It has black stripes with pointed ends. It has large teeth and claws. Around its eyes, there is a black area resembling a bandit's mask, or a stylized pair of sunglasses. Its belly has gray scales. It somewhat resembles the dinosaur Baryonyx or Tyrannosaurus rex.


Krookodile is final evolution of Sandile, and evolved from Krokorok as of level 40.

Game Info

Game Locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Black/White Evolve Krokorok None
Black 2/White 2 Evolve Krokorok None

Pokédex Entries

Pokédex Entries
They never allow prey to escape. Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile.
It can expand the focus of its eyes, enabling it to see objects in the far distance as if it were using binoculars.
Black 2
Very violent Pokémon, they try to clamp down on anything that moves in front of their eyes.
White 2
Very violent Pokémon, they try to clamp down on anything that moves in front of their eyes.
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire


Leveling Generation VI
Level Move Power Acc. PP Type Cat. Contest Cat. Appeal Jam
1 Bite 60 100% 25 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Physical Physical


1 Leer - -% 30 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Status Status


1 Rage 20 100% 20 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


1 Sand-Attack - 100% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Status Status


4 Bite 60 100% 25 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Physical Physical


7 Sand-Attack - 100% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Status Status


10 Torment - 100% 15 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Status Status


13 Sand Tomb 35 85% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Physical Physical


16 Assurance 50 100% 10 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Physical Physical


19 Mud-Slap 20 100% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Special Special


22 Embargo - 100% 15 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Status Status


25 Swagger - 90% 15 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


28 Crunch 80 100% 15 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Physical Physical


32 Dig 80 100% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Physical Physical


36 Scary Face - 100% 10 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


42 Foul Play - 100% 15 [[Dark type|Dark]] [[Move#Physical Physical


48 Sandstorm - -% 10 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Status Status


54 Earthquake 100 100% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Physical Physical


60 Outrage 120 100% 10 [[Dragon type|Dragon]] [[Move#Physical Physical


Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
X Y Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Back


  • Its name comes from a misspelling of Crook, and the word crocodile.
  • Despite being named Krookodile, it is actually modelled after the Gavial, a species related to the crocodile. This is also reflected in its Japanese name, which is a combination of Waru, form the word warui, meaning bad, and Vial, from Gavial.
  • Krookodile has the highest base stat total of any non-legendary Ground-type Pokémon released in the Fifth Generation (509), edging out Excadrill's 508 base stat total by one point. Not counting Hydreigon among Dark-types, Krookodile is in-turn only edged out by Zoroark in terms of base stat totals by one point (510).


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