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クリス Kris
Crystal Kris
Kris in Pokémon Crystal
Names Many
Gender Female
Class Pokémon Trainer
Region Johto
Hometown New Bark Town
Relatives Mother
First Appearance Pokémon Crystal
Other Appearances Pokémon Stadium 2
Rival(s) Silver
Main Game Character

Kris is the female playable character in Pokémon Crystal, her first and only game. She was the first ever playable female character in the Pokémon games. In the Generation IV remakes of Gold and Silver, HeartGold and SoulSilver, she was replaced by Lyra.


Main article: Crystal (manga)


Kris' counterpart in the anime is Marina.




Her name may be a play on the word "crystal" (Crystal).


  • Kris is the first female protagonist to be playable in a Pokémon game.
  • Pokemon Crystal and Pokémon Stadium 2 were the only games she appeared in.
  • It was believed that Kris and Lyra were one and the same, since Kris was the playable female in Pokémon Crystal, it was assumed that Lyra was Kris' new alternate outfit.

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