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Kingdom locations are facilities found within Ransei's kingdoms, featured in Pokémon Conquest. They can be visited by Warriors, who may enjoy one kingdom location service per month.

Clerk-operated kingdom locations





Dragon Chamber

Gold Mine


Mystery Springs

Open-Pit Mine

Ponigiri Shop

Ponigiri shop level 1 sprite Ponıgırı Shop Level-1
Ponigiri shop level 2 sprite Ponıgırı Shop Level-2
Ponigiri shop level 3 spritePonıgırı Shop Level-3

"Increase Pokémon's Energy by feeding them ponigiri."

At a Ponigiri Shop location, the Energy of visiting Warriors' partner Pokémon is improved by ordering one of three ponigiri services; ponigiri, red ponigiri, or blue ponigiri. Up to six Warriors can be sent at a time. The selection increases with the level (1-3) of the location. After a session, the links between the visiting Warriors and their partner Pokémon will improve slightly.

Ponigiri Shop locations can be found in the following kingdoms, always operated by a Shopkeeper:

Power Plant

Power Spot

River of Gold


Underground Mine



Wild Pokémon kingdom locations



Floating Rock



Ravine level 1Ravıne Level-1
Ravine level 2Ravıne Level-2
Ravine level 3Ravıne Level-3

At a Ravine location, visiting Warriors will engage in battle against every wild Pokémon and/or free Warrior currently there. Up to six Warriors can be sent at a time. The variety of wild Pokémon that can be encountered increases with the level (1-3) of the location.

Listed below is every Ravine location in Ransei:

Snowy Mountain

Event kingdom locations

Ancient Cave

Icy Peak

Idyllic Skies

Infinite Tower

Mysterious Ruins

Mystery Rock

Shrine of Resolve

Shrine of ResolveShrıne of Resolve

The Shrine of Resolve location temporarily appears in Valora as a venue for facing Registeel when certain conditions are met.

Shrine of Truth

Shrine of TruthShrıne of Truth

The Shrine of Truth location temporarily appears in Ignis as a venue for facing Reshiram when certain conditions are met.

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