In the region Ransei, each sub-region occupied by a Warlord is known as Kingdom. It is usually specialized by some specific type. In total there are 17 regions based on 17 Pokémon Types.


All the kingdoms are as follows:

English Japanese Type Image
Aurora ハジメの国 Normal Aurora
Ignis カエンの国 Fire Ignis
Greenleaf アオバの国 Grass Greenleaf
Fontaine イズミの国 Water Fontaine
Terrera コブシの国 Ground Terrera
Violight サナギの国 Electric Violight
Chrysalia ダイチの国 Bug Chrysalia
Pugilis シデンの国 Fighting Pugilis
Illusio ゲンムの国 Psychic Illusio
Cragspur キガンの国 Rock Cragspur
Viperia ドクガの国 Poison Viperia
Yaksha ヤシャの国 Dark Yaksha
Avia ツバサの国 Flying Avia
Valora フクツの国 Steel Valora
Spectra ミタマの国 Ghost Spectra
Nixtorm フブキの国 Ice Nixtorm
Dragnor リュウの国 Dragon Dragnor

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