Kiloude City (Japanese: キナンシティ Kinan City) is a city located in the southern part of the Kalos region. It is only accessible after the player completes the story and meets Professor Sycamore at the Lumiose Station, when he gives the player a TMV pass. The pass lets the player ride the train to and from the city.

Places of Interest

Friend Safari

Located in the North of the city. The player may go on safaris. Which Pokémon can be found varies depending on what PSS friend the player chooses.

Battle Maison

The Battle Maison is Kalos' battle facility in which the player can take part in Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple Battles, Rotation Battles and Multi Battles. Progressing far enough through each will result in a battle against one of the Maison's Chatelaines.




If the player chooses:


If the player chooses:

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