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Kenny is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced.


Kenny enlisted the Pokémon Trainer School, due to his parents' wishes, even if he was afraid of Pokémon.

Season 6: AdvancedEdit

While Roxanne was taking the class through the observatory, Kenny lost a Poliwag that was given to him. Poliwag was found by the heroes and returned to Kenny, but his classmate, Kenny, scolded Kenny for spoiling the trip. Later on, Ash found Kenny in the class, who was still afraid of Pokémon. Ash let Kenny touch Pikachu, though Tommy "accidentally" slipped and fell on Poliwag, who used Water Gun and nearly hit Kenny, who was saved by Max. Once Team Rocket arrived to steal the school's Pokémon, Kenny gave advice to Max on which moves to use. In the end, Kenny managed to befriend some Pokémon, lifting his phobia.



Episode appearancesEdit

EP# Title
AG015 Gonna Rule The School!
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