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Kennedy is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced.


Season 6: Advanced

Kennedy is Mr. Stone's assistant, but was usually tracking him in the city, since Mr. Stone avoided any administrative tasks. Regardless, Kennedy managed to catch up with Mr. Stone, who introduced Kennedy to Max. Per Max's request, Kennedy managed to find Max's friends - Ash, May and Brock - and lead them to Devon Corporation Headquarters. Kennedy gave them a tour, thinking Mr. Stone had an interest in Max because Max reminded him of his son, Steven. Just then, Mr. Stone contacted Kennedy, since he saw the agent of Team Aqua, who infiltrated Devon Corporation. Kennedy led Ash, Brock and May to the top of the building, where they confronted them Aqua Agent. In the end, while the Aqua Agent got away, Kennedy praised Max for retrieving the test tubes the Aqua Agent stole.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
AG017 Stairway to Devon
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