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(ケン Ken)
Gender: Male
Region: Johto
Friends: Mary
Class: Pokémon Mystery Club/Spy
First Appearance: Wish Upon a Star Shape
Voice actor: Marc Thompson

Ken is a recurring character from Pokémon: Master Quest and Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Season 5: Master Quest

Ken, along with Mary, are the sole members of Pokémon Mystery Club (PMC). They went to investigate about unusual Pokémon activity in the area and found a bunch of Clefairy. However, the heroes stopped them, while Team Rocket was jealous of their technology. Team Rocket also wanted the Clefairy, so made a tempoary alliance with the PMC, but both groups blasted off by Pikachu's attack.

Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Ken and Mary returned to capture a Lunatone, who crashed and used the psychic powers to influence certain people. They used a lot of technology, but like the previous time, they failed and blasted off.

Episode appearances

Master Quest

EP# Title
JE130 Wish Upon a Star Shape

Advanced Challenge

EP# Title
AG087 Crazy as a Lunatone

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