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|image=Kelpsy Berry2.png
|description='''Gen. III''' - This Berry can be eaten as is or boiled to obtain an extract that adds a dash of flavor to food. <br>'''Gen. IV''' - A Poffin ingredient. Using it on a Pokémon makes it more friendly, but it also lowers its base Attack stat. It is extremely useful for ev training if you make a mistake as like the [[Pomeg Berry]], the [[Qualot Berry]], the [[Hondew Berry]], the [[Grepa Berry]] and the [[Tamato Berry]].
|size=<span class="explain" title="3.5 cm">5.9" </span>
}}'''Kelpsy Berry''' is a [[berry]] introduced in [[Generation III]]. It slightly raises a [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]]'s friendship but lowers it's base attack stat.
[[Category:Bitter Berries]]
[[Category:Bitter Berries]]
[[Category:Berries that make Gray Pokéblocks]]
[[Category:Berries that make Gray Pokéblocks]]

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