Kellyn is a Pokémon Ranger in Shadows of Almia.


Kellyn has brown hair with two plucks pointing upwards on the top. He also has green eyes. He wears the Ranger school uniform before he graduated and the Ranger uniform when he became an official Ranger.

In the anime, he has the same appearance as in the game and wears the Ranger uniform, equipped with a Fine Styler.




He is actually from the Fiore region but he hopes to become a Pokémon Ranger that is why he moved to Almia. He is the youngest of the trio, at the age of twelve while Keith and Rhythmi are seventeen and fourteen respectively; though other sources say he is sixteen; the same age as Solana. His counterpart in the game is Kate.


Ranger Batonnage - the Comic

Main article: Kellyn (Ranger Batonnage)


Main article: Kellyn (anime)

He appears in the anime to aid Ash to help a Riolu that can use Aura Sphere. This Riolu is also in the game. Plus, he his seen talking to Solana using his Styler.




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