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Kay is a character appearing in Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands.


Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands

Kay is one of the Pokémon Performers, who voiced their Pokémon. When she met Raichu, it went to hug her, but Anne was scared by the electric jolt and threw it away. Raichu disobeyed her orders, so Ash was asked to show some pointers with his bond with Pikachu. After Team Rocket attacked, Kay trusted Raichu, who began obeying her and defeated Team Rocket, while also performing at the shows.


Pokémon Information
Kay Raichu
Raichu disobeyed Kay as Kay was scared of it, but Kay began trusting it, enough for Raichu to listen to her and obey.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
OI010 Stage Fight!

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