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(カクリ Kakuri)
Katrina Hoenn
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Region: Hoenn
Friends: Ash,

May, Brock, Max

Class: Ranger
First Appearance: AG011: A Bite to Remember
Voice actor: Michiko Neya (Japanese)

Lisa Adams (English)

Katrina appeared in AG011: A Bite to Remember. She was the Ranger of the forest and she helped all the weakened and injured wild Pokémon. She has three Mightyena and one Poochyena who guard the forest from poachers. After a lot of training with Max, Poochyena also evolved when it escaped ,using Bite, from Team Rocket.


Pokémon Information
Katrina Mightyena
Katrina's Mightyena are used most to protect the forest from the Pokémon Hunters. One of them was newly evovled in ,AG011: A Bite to Remember, after it was trained by Max to start using Bite.
Mightyena (x4)
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