Route 4 is a short path in northern Kanto that connects Cerulean City to the eastern exit of Mt. Moon. There are two karate guys who are move tutors and will teach you either Mega Punch or Mega Kick, depending on your choice. On the western side of Route 4, there will be a man in the Pokémon Center west of the Pokémon healer in Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen who will give you a Lv 5 Magikarp for 500Poké Dollar that only knows Splash. Mt. Moon splits the West from the East on Route 4 as a Mountain like Mt. Coronet. This is where you get your choice of getting the Helix Fossil or the Dome Fossil first.


Versions Pokémon Levels Methods Rates Image
Rattata 8-12 grass 45% 019
Rattata 10-12 grass 15% 019
Spearow 8-12 grass 30% 021
Spearow 8-12 grass 55% 021
Ekans 6-12 grass 25% 023
Sandshrew 6-12 grass 25% 027
Sandshrew 8-10 grass 15% 027
Mankey 9 grass 15% 056
Psyduck 15 Super Rod 33% 054
Krabby 15 Super Rod 33% 098
Goldeen 15 Super Rod 33% 118
Goldeen 20-30 Super Rod 70% 118
Seaking 30 Super Rod 30% 119
Special Pokémon
Magikarp 5 Buy 500Poké Dollar * 129


TM04 Whirlwind R/B/Y

Great Ball (hidden) R/B/Y


Ultra Ball (hidden) G/S/C

TM05 Roar FR/LG

Razz Berry (hidden) FR/LG

Persim Berry (hidden) FR/LG