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| image = Route 20 Map.gif
| image = Route 20 Map.gif
| region = Kanto
| region = Kanto
| locations = ←West - [[Cinnabar Island]]<br>→East - [[Kanto Route 19|Route 19]]
| locations = ←West - [[Cinnabar Island]]<br />→East - [[Kanto Route 19|Route 19]]
| weather = Normal
| weather = Normal
| kind = Sea
| kind = Sea

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Route 20

20ばんすいどう 20 Bansuiro

Location Information
Location of route 20 in Kanto.
Connecting locations: ←West - Cinnabar Island
→East - Route 19
Weather: Normal
Kind: Sea
Needed HMs: Surf
Route 19--Route 20 --Route 21

Route 20 (Japanese: 20ばんすいどう 20 Bansuiro) is an East-West route located in South-Southwest Kanto. The Seafoam Islands are located near the center of the route.


Item style Location Game
Stardust Stardust Hidden on the large unoccupied island near Cinnabar Island. FRLG
Stardust Stardust Hidden on the north-east corner of the long, narrow sandbar on Cinnabar's side. HGSS
Deepseatooth Deepseatooth To the right of the entrance to Blaine's Gym. Hidden in the ocean. HGSS
Deepseascale Deepseascale North of Seafoam Islands near Swimmer Luis (Hidden in the ocean) HGSS
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