Route 2 is the second route in the Kanto region. It connects Viridian City to Pewter City and passes through the Viridian Forest. It also has an entrance to Diglett's Cave located on one side. There is a wall of trees separating one side of the route from the other, and you need to Cut down some small trees to get through.


Versions Pokémon Levels Methods Rates Image
Caterpie 3-5 grass 15% 010
Weedle 3-5 grass 15% 013
Pidgey 3-5 grass 40% 016
Pidgey 37 grass 30% 016
Rattata 2-5 grass 45% 019
Rattata 3-4 grass 40% 019
Nidoran♀ 4-6 grass 15% 029
Nidoran♂ 4-6 grass 15% 032
Special Pokémon
Mr. Mime * trade
1 only 122
Mr. Mime * trade
1 only 122



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