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Route 8

  8 Bandōro

Location Information
Kalos Route 8
Location of route 8 in Kalos.
Connecting locations:  Cyllage City, Ambrette Town, Connecting Cave
Weather: Normal
Kind: Beach, Land, Water, Mud, Rocky
Needed HMs: Surf, Rock Smash
Kalos Route 7--Route 8 --Kalos Route 9

Route 8 (also known as Muraille Coast) is a route in Kalos. It is sandy, rocky and grassy.Kalos Route 8 is a route where the player can go to Cyllage City. Route 8 starts from Ambrette Town. It also goes to the Connecting Cave. In Pokemon X, if you keep going along on the beach, you get stopped by a girl looking for her fossil saying not to go further. Without surf, you cannot go around. If you want to go further, go back to ambrette town and go through the way to route 9.

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