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Kalos Route 7

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Route 7

7 Bandōro

Location Information
Kalos Route 7 01
Location of route 7 in Kalos.
Connecting locations: West - Connecting Cave
East - Camphrier Town
Weather: Normal
Kind: Land
Needed HMs: Cut
Kalos Route 6--Route 7 --Kalos Route 8

Route 7 (also known as Riviere Walk) is a route in Kalos. Along this Route is the Day Care Center, where the player may leave up to two Pokémon at a time, which will level them up, or possibly the female will lay an Egg if the man outside says the two Pokémon seem to get along. Also on this Route is the Battle Chateau.

Wild Pokemon

Pokémon Level Rate How Version
Smeargle 14 Rare Grass/Flowers X/Y
Flabébé 13 Uncommon Grass/Flowers X/Y
Swirlix 14 Rare Grass X
Spritzee 14 Rare Grass Y
Illumise TBA Common Flowers X/Y
Volbeat 13 Uncommon Grass X/Y
Ducklett 13-14 Common Grass/Flowers X/Y
Hoppip 7 Common Horde X/Y
Croagunk 13 TBA Grass X/Y
Roselia 14 TBA Grass X/Y

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