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Route 3

3番道路 3 Bandōro Kalos Route 3

Location Information
Not Available
Connecting locations: ↑North - Santalune City
↓South - Santalune Forest
Weather: Normal
Kind: Land
Needed HMs:
Kalos Route 2--Route 3 --Kalos Route 4

Route 3, also known as Ouvert Way, is, as the name suggests, the third route in the Kalos Reigon. It connects Santalune Forest to Santalune City.the meaning of ouvert is open

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Level Rate How Version
Pikachu 4-5 Very Rare Grass X/Y
Azurill 5 Rare Grass X/Y
Fletchling 3-5 Common Grass X/Y
Bidoof 3-4 Common Grass X/Y
Bunnelby 3-4 Common Grass X/Y
Pidgey 4 Rare Grass X/Y
Burmy 5 Rare Grass X/Y
Dunsparce 5 Very Rare Grass X/Y


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