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| image = Route_22.jpg
| image = Route_22.jpg
| region = Kalos
| region = Kalos
| locations = West -[[Santalune City]] East-[[Victory Road]=<br/>↓South - [[ChamberofEmptiness]]
| locations = West -[[Santalune City]] East-[[Victory Road]]=<br/>↓South - [[ChamberofEmptiness]]
| weather = Normal
| weather = Normal
| kind = Land
| kind = Land

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Route 22

2ばんどうろ 22 Bandōro

Location Information
Not Available
Connecting locations: West -Santalune City East-Victory Road=
↓South - ChamberofEmptiness
Weather: Normal
Kind: Land
Needed HMs:
Kalos Route 21--Route 22 --Kalos Route 23

Route 22 (Japanese: 2 2ばんどうろ Route 22) is a route in southern Kalos, connecting Santalune City and Victory Road. The route is also known as Détourner Way.

Route Information

North of the route, a race track can partially be seen. Based on NPC statements, it can be surmised as a track for Ryhorn racing.

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