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Route 2

2番道路 2 Bandōro

Location Information
Not Available
Connecting locations: ↑ North - Santalune Forest
↓ South - Aquacorde Town
Weather: Normal
Kind: Land
Needed HMs: None
Kalos Route 1--Route 2 --Kalos Route 3

Kalos Route 2, also known as Avance Trail, is a short route between Aquacorde Town and Santalune Forest. A single trainer stands at the North end of the route.


In the first patch of grass, Shauna will show you how to catch a Pokemon. It is a Bunnelby.

Avance meaning in French is "advance".


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Location Level Rate
659 Bunnelby X/Y Grass 2-3 20%
661 Fletchling X/Y Grass 2-3 20%
664 Scatterbug X/Y Grass 2-3 20%
263 Zigzagoon X/Y Grass 3-4 15%
016 Pidgey X/Y Grass 3-4 14%
013 Weedle X Grass 3-4 11%
010 Caterpie Y Grass 3-4 11%
Wild Pokémon


Item Games Location/Method
Poke Ball Sprite Poké Ball X/Y Given after the catching demonstration by Calem/Serena; x10
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