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Route 12

  12 Bandōro

Location Information
Kalos Route 12
Location of route 12 in Kalos.
Connecting locations: ↑ North - Azure Bay
← West - Shalour City
→ East - Courmarine City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Grass, Land, Water, Sand
Needed HMs: Surf, Cut
Kalos Route 11--Route 12 --Kalos Route 13

Route 12 (also known as Fourrage Road) is a Route in Kalos. When the player comes from Shalour City, they must surf across the river (Azure Bay) before being able to travel on the route. Along this Route is Baa de Mer Ranch, where the player can see and ride Skiddos. Behind the House at the ranch is a Pokéball, which is only accessible if the player uses Cut. This route is mostly grassy, but along the edge it is sand. This route connects Shalour City, Courmarine City, Azure Bay, and Baa de Mer Ranch.

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