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The Kalos Pokédex is introduced in Generation VI from the Kalos region in the upcoming game Pokémon X and Y. Unlike previous Pokedexes, this one is holographic and has the list of Pokemon seen in Kalos seperated into three catagories: Central, Seaside and Mountain. After completion of the game, a fourth option, National Pokedex is added.

List of Kalos Pokédex

The following new Pokémon have been revealed from the Kalos Region.

Pokémon Type
Chespin Grass
Quilladin Grass
Chesnaught Grass/Fighting
Fennekin Fire
Braixen Fire
Delphox Fire/Psychic
Froakie Water
Frogadier Water
Greninja Water/Dark
Bunnelby Normal
Diggersby Normal/Ground
Fletchling Normal/Flying
Fletchinder Fire/Flying
Talonflame Fire/Flying
Scatterbug Bug
Spewpa Bug
Vivillon Bug/Flying
Litleo Fire/Normal
Pyroar Fire/Normal
Flabébé Fairy
Floette Fairy
Florges Fairy
Skiddo Grass
Gogoat Grass
Pancham Figthting
Pangoro Figthing/Dark
Furfrou Normal
Espurr Psychic
Meowstic Psychic
Honedge Steel/Ghost
Doublade Steel/Ghost
Aegislash Steel/Ghost
Spritzee Fairy
Aromatisse Fairy
Swirlix Fairy
Slurpuff Fairy
Inkay Dark/Psychic
Malamar Dark/Psychic
Binacle Rock/Water
Barbaracle Rock/Water
Skrelp Poison/Water
Dragalge Poison/Dragon
Clauncher Water
Clawitzer Water
Helioptile Electric/Normal
Heliolisk Electric/Normal
Tyrunt Rock/Dragon
Tyrantrum Rock/Dragon
Amaura Rock/Ice
Aurorus Rock/Ice
Sylveon Fairy
Hawlucha Figthing/Flying
Dedenne Electric/Fairy
Carbink Rock/Fairy
Goomy Dragon
Sliggoo Dragon
Goodra Dragon
Klefki Steel/Fairy
Phantump Ghost/Grass
Trevenant Ghost/Grass
Pumpkaboo Ghost/Grass
Gourgeist Ghost/Grass
Bergmite Ice
Avalugg Ice
Noibat Flying/Dragon
Noivern Flying/Dragon
Xerneas Fairy
Yveltal Dark/Flying
Zygarde Dragon/Ground

Kalos based Pokémon not in the Kalos Pokédex


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