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|Awakened Mewtwo
|Awakened Mewtwo

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The Kalos Pokédex is introduced in Generation VI from the Kalos region in the upcoming game Pokémon X and Y.

List of Kalos Pokédex

The following Pokémon have been revealed for the Kalos Region.

Pokémon Type
Chespin Grass
Fennekin Fire
Froakie Water
Fletchling Normal/Flying
Talonflame Fire/Flying
Helioptile Electric/Normal
Pancham Fighting
Gogoat Grass
Clauncher Water
Skrelp Poison/Water
Litleo Fire/Normal
Flabébé Fairy
Noivern Flying/Dragon
Honedge Steel/Ghost
Scatterbug Bug
Spewpa Bug
Vivillon Bug/Flying
Sylveon Fairy
Xerneas Fairy


Awakened Mewtwo ???
Swirlix Fairy

Kalos based Pokémon not in the Kalos Pokédex


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