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The Kalos Region

Original concept art of the Kalos Region.
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Character Information
Professor Professor Sycamore
Pokémon 70
Starter Pokémon Chespin
Video Games Pokémon X and Y
Main Villain Team Flare
Rival Calem (if girl)
Serena (if boy)

Kalos is the region were Generation VI games take place, Pokémon X and Y. This region is mostly based on France. The Legendary Pokémon that appear in this region are XerneasYveltal, and Zygarde.

Cities and Towns

Vaniville Town

Vaniville Town is where the hero/heroine moves-in at the start of the game. It is home to Shauna and Serena/Calem, the opposite character of the gender you choose.

Aquacorde Town

Aquacorde Town is where the hero/heroine meets all of their rivals and obtain their starter Pokémon as well as the pokedex.

Santalune City

Santalune City is home to the Santalune City Gym and its Gym Leader, Viola, who specialises in Bug-type Pokémon.

Lumiose City

Lumiose City is the main city of Kalos.[1] It is home to Alexa, a journalist and Gym Leader Viola's older sister. On the map it looks like it has a gym in the tower. It's also home to Trevor, another rival of the player.

Shalour City

Shalour City is home place of Korrina.

Places of Interest

Using the Kalos Map as evidence, certain areas can be identified, as they stand out.

Pokémon League

This Castle-like Pokémon League is situated east of Santalune City. Like always, eight badges are required to enter.
Pokémon League

The Pokémon League and Victory Road in Kalos


Kalos Route 1

Kalos Route 1 is the first route found in Kalos. It connects Vaniville Town to Aquacorde Town. It, notably, has no wild Pokémon, therefore, allows the player to leave the town as soon as the game begins.

Kalos Route 2

Kalos Route 2 is the second route in Kalos. It connects Aquacorde to the Santalune Forest.

Kalos Route 3

Kalos Route 3 is seen at the first trailer. If you look at the first trailer and the screenchots from the official website you ca see that this Route looks different from the first trailer, for example having more trees and more detaied plants, rocks, etc. This may be because they are still working on the designs of the overworld. It is most likely the third route of the Kalos region. This Route connects Santalune Forest with Santalune City.

Kalos Route 5

Kalos Route 5 is briefly seen at the second gameplay trailer, where the player is in Lumiose City with a building having a 5 at the entrance in the background, in other words the Gate between the route and the city. Or it could simply be a building with a 5 on the entrance.

The Pokemon League

Gym Leaders


Kalos comes from a Greek inscription meaning "beauty".


  • This is the second region, both overall and in a row, not to be based on an area in Japan. The first was Unova which was based off New York City in United States.
    • Similarly, Kalos is the second region to have the routes restart at 1, the first being Unova.
  • Kalos is meant to be based on France, although the creators also took inspiration from other parts of Europe. If you look at the top-left corner of the Kalos region you can see a town with a resemblance to Stonehenge, which is in England, mixed with the Carnac Stones, a group of rocks in France.
  • Route 1 in Kalos is one of the shortest routes in the game. 



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