This Weavile is a dark/ice-type Pokémon owned by Kagetomo.


Weavile first appeared with its trainer when it was looking at the Ninja Village with the Ninja Army. Weavile then used Icy Wind ambushing the heroes, Hanzo, Shinobu. It was also used to freeze Hanzo but that failed due to Hanzo's fan. Weavile later jumped out the window with its trainer and ran away after capturing Hanzo.

Kagetomo used his Weavile when Ippei and Saizo found him with Hanzo. Weavile charged in and used Shadow Claw while Ippei's Greninja used Night Slash. Greninja then used Water Shuriken and Weavile used Icy Wind to counter the attack. Both Pokémon kept using Shadow Claw and Night Slash, clashing with each other, and then Weavile only attacked Greninja with its claws which was succesfull. Weavile used Metal Claw which Greninja kept dodging it several attacks. Weavile then used Giga Impact but Greninja countered with Double Team. Weavile attacked the decoys with Giga Impact but the real Greninja was under ground and it sucessfully landed a hit on Weavile. Greninja then delivered the finishing blow with Water Shuriken. While Weavile was seriously injured, Kagetomo kept yelling to it to stand up but later said to it that it did a great job after Kagetomo talked with Hanzo.

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Kagetomo Weavile Giga Impact
Icy Wind The Legend of the Ninja Hero!
Shadow Claw A Festival of Decisions!
Metal Claw A Festival of Decisions!
Giga Impact A Festival of Decisions!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.