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I guess we sent them flying via Dragon-Air.


Kaburagi is a Gym Referee of Blackthorn City's Gym.


Season 5: Master Quest

Kaburagi was Clair's assistant and the Blackthorn City Gym's Judge. On rare occasions, he told bad jokes, such as giving out a peace sign and saying "I'm still in one peace." He was also the referee in Ash's and Clair's Gym battle.

Season 16: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond

He was the referee for the battle of Clair and Iris.

Episode appearances

Master Quest

EP# Title
JE135 Beauty is Skin Deep
JE136 Fangs for Nothin'
JE137 Great Bowls of Fire!
JE138 Better Eight Than Never
JE139 Why? Wynaut!

BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond

EP# Title
Special Iris VS Clair! The Road to Dragon Master!

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