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Juan's Milotic

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Juan's Milotic
Japanese Name
Trainer: Juan
Debut: AG110: The Great Eight Fate!

Juan's Milotic is Juan's most famous and most powerful Pokémon.


Milotic was a formidable opponent in battle and was also an expert in contests. It was described by Juan as being his "dear old friend" and they had spent many years together. It is assumed that Milotic was Juan's starter Pokemon.

Milotic first appeared when Juan was putting on a show with all his Water type Pokemon. It was also used to defeat Team Rocket by breaking out of their electric net with Iron Tail and then sending them blasting off with Twister.

Milotic was the last Pokémon Juan used in his battle with Ash. It easily defeated Ash's Swellow and then battled Pikachu. Milotic's many years of contest training were displayed when it used Twister from underwater, making the attack twice as powerful. According to Juan, no Pokemon had ever recovered from that attack, but Pikachu blasted the Twister away with Thunder and then attacked Milotic with Quick Attack. Although Milotics most powerful technique had failed, it still put up a formidable fight, causing damage to Pikachu whilst restoring energy with Recover. However Pikachu finally managed to defeat Milotic by blasting it with Thunder while it was underwater.

Known moves

Move Episode
Twister The Great Eight Fate
Iron Tail The Great Eight Fate
Hydro Pump Eight Ain't Enough
Recover Eight Ain't Enough
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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