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Join Avenue

Join Avenue is the shopping arcade which goes from Route 4 to Nimbasa City. This is only available in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.


Join Avenue has a blue floor, and whenever you go into the little alcove at the end from Route 4 , a man will tell you about your personal office. A lady with a hat will tell you about Join Avenue, some Ace Trainers will tell you some more and change your title (e.g. Sir if you chose Nate , Madam if you chose Rosa).


Your goal in Join Avenue is to get people to stop running (unlike in Castelia City whenever they dodge) and they will say how big a fan they are of you.

You must give them one of these three choices:

  • Invite (sets up a shop)
  • Recommend (recommend a shop and rack up Join Avenue's popularity)
  • Cancel (person gets upset and leaves to Nimbasa City or Route 4)



As well as being able to invite people, you are also able to recommend your shops to visitors, after which they will leave the avenue. Successful recommendations will give the store popularity points. If not, then the character will say "[Store]? That's not quite what I had in mind" and leave without giving any popularity points. The shops a visitor wishes to visit vary from day to day, so be careful and think about which stores match the request.

Recommendations Phrases
Visitor Phrase Raffle? Salon? Dojo? Market? Florist? Antique Shop? Cafe? Nursery? Prize from NPCs  Prize from players
I want to feel excited! Y N N N N N N N 150 200
I want to get excited about something! Y N N N N N N N 75 100
I want to get excited about something! Y N N N N N N N 150 200


  • The Layout may or may not be correct, because this version may differ from Pokemon Black 2.
  • Instead of the gate between Routes, this is a big thing to pass through, and doesn't have an electric bulletin board with Unova news (and later on Pokemon swarms) near that town or city.
  • This is the place where you can get the Master Ball for the last time, assuming you have already beaten Colress at Plasma Frigate.
  • The entrance to Join Avenue differs between versions. In Black 2, there is a city and in White 2, there are ruins.


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