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Join Avenue

Join Avenue is the shopping arcade which goes from Route 4 to Nimbasa City. This is only available in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.


Join Avenue has a blue floor, and whenever you go into the little alcove at the end from Route 4 , a man will tell you about your personal office. A lady with a hat will tell you about Join Avenue, some Ace Trainers will tell you some more and change your title (e.g. Sir if you chose Nate , Madam if you chose Rosa).


Your goal in Join Avenue is to get people to stop running (unlike in Castelia City whenever they dodge) and they will say how big a fan they are of you.

You must give them one of these three choices:

  • Invite (sets up a shop)
  • Recommend (recommend a shop and rack up Join Avenue's popularity)
  • Cancel (person gets upset and leaves to Nimbasa City or Route 4



  • The Layout may or may not be correct, because this version may differ from Pokemon Black 2.
  • Instead of the gate between Routes, this is a big thing to pass through, and doesn't have an electric bullitin board with Unova news near that town or city.
  • This is the place where you can get the Master Ball for the last time.


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