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Goldsilvernew johto starters artwork

Johto starters in Heart Gold and Soulsilver

Johto Starters are the starter Pokémon belong to region of Unova. There are three starter Pokémon.

Starter Type Ability
Chikorita Grass Overgrow
Cyndaquil Fire


Totodile Water Torrent

As mentioned above Chikorita is a grass Pokémon with ability Overgrow.While Cyndaquil is a Fire Type and Totodile is Water Type Pokémon.

They first appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver where Professor Elm allows player to choose one of them.The rival of players steals the starter stronger against Player's.The same situation was present in Pokémon Crystal.

In the remakes,Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver,starter receive the redesign.Now the starter can follow the player by walking behind them.Player can check their happiness.In this version too Professor Elm gives player the same starters.

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