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| name = Route 38
| name = Route 38

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Route 38

 38ばんどうろ 38 Bandōro

Location Information
Route 38
Location of route 38 in Johto.
Connecting locations: →East - Ecruteak City
←West - Route 39
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HMs: None
Route 37--Route 38 --Route 39

Route 38 lies east of Ecruteak City, and leads on to Route 39 and Olivine City. It has five trainers, a single Wht Apricorn Tree and lush foliage. This is also the only place where wild Burmy can be caught by using Headbutt on the trees.






Surfing and Fishing

N/A (No water present on Route)


Trainer Tips

  • If a Pokémon is trying to evolve, you can stop it. Press the B Button during evolution. That startles the Pokémon and stops its evolution.

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