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| image = route37map.gif
| image = route37map.gif
| region = Johto
| region = Johto
| locations = ↑North [[Ecruteak City]] <br> ↓Soute [[Johto Route 36|Route 36]]
| locations = ↑North [[Ecruteak City]] <br /> ↓Soute [[Johto Route 36|Route 36]]
| weather = Normal
| weather = Normal
| kind = Normal
| kind = Normal

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Johto Route 37

Route 37 37ばんどうろ

Location Information
Location of johto Route 37 in Johto.
Connecting locations: ↑North Ecruteak City
↓Soute Route 36
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HMs:
Route 36--Johto Route 37 --Route 38

Johto Route 37 is a route in Johto. It is a relatively small route. This Route has three Apricorn trees.

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