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The Johto Festival is an annual event that happened in DP143: An Egg Scramble!. The event is hosted by Khoury's father and his job was to help people learn about the Johto region.


In the festival, Lyra, who is part of the staff, hosts a battling exhibition for trainers who want to know about the Johto region. The winner of the battle will receive a Pokémon egg as a prize. In the episode, Dawn participated in the battle with her Piplup and won the egg, which later hatched into a Cyndaquil.

The festival shows a giant screen TV that plays a video of Lyra telling people about the region's cities and landmarks like Ecruteak City and the Burned Tower.

The festival provides free food people can get from Johto like MooMoo Milk. Khoury's father operates his own stand and sells Apricorns, Apricorn Cases, Berry Planters, RageCandyBars, and Apriblenders.

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